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The @#*!@ Steelers/Browns Game-Watching Jagoffs!

Today’s blog post by Rachael Rennebeck, co-writer of the blog and co-host of the YaJagoff Podcast who had a chance to EXPERIENCE the Steelers game at a local establishment.

It is bad enough when the living room windows are ever-so-slightly cracked and the neighbors catch an expletive, and I am certainly not talking jagoff! But it is craaaaay to the zeeee when watching a game like yesterday’s Steelers vs. Browns game and you experience these fans: 

  1.  The Antagonist:  The guy who KNOWS not to wear a Browns jersey anywhere within a five-mile radius of 20 miles from Western PA….but he does.  Then he proceeds to “hail the dawg pound” with chants like I let the dawgs out! 
  2. The Wishy Washer:  The guy who is pointing to others indicating that the play about to happen will change the game for the good…and when it doesn’t, he yells that he knew that was not going to fare well. 
  3. The Ultimate Fan: The guy who is wearing the Watt jersey but looks nothing like him but may know every single stat, background, tidbit known to man—and more than Watt even knows about himself. 
  4. The Commentator: With no formal training, but a very large voice, the Steigerwald/Pompeani/Hillgrove wanna-be who rehearsed every cliché sport term known and is using opening day to audition it. 
  5. The Drunk Girl:  She looks adorbs.  Pink tee, knee socks, even pig tails.  But she gets hammered and quits watching the game and simply commentates on the amount of ice cubes floating in her drink because she refuses to drink beer. 

After hearing all of this craaaaazeeeee background noise, we tie.  We tie the Cleveland Browns. The Pittsburgh Steelers fumbled, miss-kicked and outright played sloppy.  But, it is game one and it wasn’t a loss.  Plus, I have to stop or else I become one of the guys on the day after a loss list.  Ya know, the mistake explainer, the breakdowner, or the grass is always greener guy.  

Next game, just stay home and eat some cheese whiz and yell at the TV instead of getting on the game day guy list, ya jagoffs!