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YaJagoff Podcast Parking Chair Dining

Good old Pittsburgh PA. may not always be on the cutting edge of trends, but we catch up. We get ‘er done somehow. Jeez we even make lists now, or at least prepandemic days we did. 

Even during the pandemic we held our own as far as functioning.  We executed the drive-by berfday honks, the sorta holiday parades and a few even tied the knot.  So, no surprise that we fit right in with Chicago and Indianapolis when it comes to the next pandemic phase of recovery; dinner tables in the streets. 

Yes, we are so confused by what is and isn’t allowed and the reasons behind the rules, but the city is trying to get the governor to allow restaurants to take to the streets.  Yep, the shebang from tables and flatware and food and chairs…..which simply gives Pittsburgh one leg up since we coined the importance of the parking chair.   

Sorry, so excited that we are ahead of the curve on this one that I sped it up.  Basically Pittsburgh, go into your garage and pull out your parking chair, dust that bad boy off, and get ready to join your favorite restaurants on sidewalks—socially distanced of course.  Our city officials know an opp when they see it.  They knew restaurant owners would not have to supply all of the furniture if they proposed what other cities did and moved the establishments outside to kick start the restaurant biz again and be in compliance with social distancing.  Boom.   

So, grab a parking chair, settle in, get some popcorn and wait for the ok from the gov. Then, get ready to patron your fave restaurant with parking chair in hand, ya jagoff! 

  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing


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