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A Visit to the Frick Park Market

Frick Park Market Pittsburgh

You may have heard of the Frick Park Market, Point Breeze from the late Mac Miller!  But, don’t just listen about it in song or look at these pics on line. Go visit!!!!  It’s as organic as it gets.

You can’t miss the striped awning and the sandwich board of specials only 1 block away from Frick Park.

Parking is relatively easy. Even on a busy Saturday afternoon lunch time.  And, the neighbors, passersby, dog-walkers and new drop-inners co-mingle as they wait for their fresh sandwiches to be be made or shop.

Frick Park Market Pittsburgh

They make everything while you wait.. with a typical Pittsburgh smile.

Frick Park Market Point Breeze

If you don’t want to wait outside, you can peruse the shelves for small items like groceries…

or artwork from local artist, Ron’s Paintings!

Then, of course, there’s the recognition of Pittsburgh’s own Mac Miller hanging out at the deli.  Just imagine what a treat it would have been to have your turkey sandwich topped with a tomato by Mac Miller in the old days!

There’s even a sitting area in the back for the nice days! Who knew that little reservoir of happiness was just on the other side of the back door?

You can also sit in the organically decorated garage next door to eat and hang out with the locals who seem to take this special place in stride.

Friendship Market Pittsburgh

And, of course, you eat! A fresh sandwich or a wedgie… just like your mom use to make ya!

Frick Market Pittsburgh

A simple turkey and cheese on sour dough and a…

or a Mediterranean wedgie.

Visit the Frick Market and tell us how you liked it!

7103 Reynolds St, Pittsburgh, PA 15208




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