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The Biggest Jagoff of Souper Boool 50



First, sorry we had to refer to the big game as Souper Boool 50.  There’s all of that legal stuff about using the name.

So who, in my opinion, was the biggest jagoff of last night’s game?

The guy at the party who, decided to take a CRAP during HIS visit to the bathroom and made me miss the one commercial that everyone is talking about….the Puppy Monkey Baby!

First: Are you serious? Using the first floor bathroom to do THAT with a houseful of people?

Second: You ate the last 15 grape-jelly meatballs before the first quarter was done. You didn’t see this coming and try to make your way to the Pittsburgh bathroom downstairs?

Third: Apparently you don’t know what that little spray bottle is for once you actually finish what you did.

Finally, you’re damned lucky there’s YouTube so that I could search the Puppy Monkey Baby commercial so that I didn’t have to feel left out when everyone is being completely non-productive at work yakking about the commercials and doing buffalo dip comparisons, Ya Jagoff!

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