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The ’22 YaJagoff Podcast Porch Tour – Enter to Win

YaJagoff Podcast Porch Tour

Are we gonna bring the weekly YaJagoff Podcast, live music, food, and a bunch of prizes to YOUR porch?

Here’s the deal!  Every summer we choose 4 random homes, with awesome porches or patios, from which to podcast on a Saturday morning. We bring some food, the guests, live music, Facebook Live and some prizes like hot sausage from Ernie Ricci, gift cards from The Mall at Robinson, Millie’s Ice Cream, Mancini’s Bread and MaryMac Bakehouse yummies. Basically, we bring a party!  We podcast and then we leave but there’s one thing YOU have to do.  Collect items and gift cards for Zachary’s Mission Zack Packs!  This year’s tour is sponsored by People’s Gas.

• We are doing 4 randomly selected porches again this summer
• Our title sponsor for this year’s porch tour is People’s Gas
• As is tradition, we are asking the porch owners to contact their friends and family to collect items for Zachary’s Mission, Zack Packs. The house that makes the most Zack Packs gets a special black and gold prize and, more importantly, bragging rights!

So as we stack up the prizes, go redd up you porch and submit your info HERE. Be sure to give us your address and tell us why we should pick YOUR porch!

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