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Grocery Store Jagoff

The 1,898 Foot Long Grocery Reciept

YaJagoff Grocery Receipt

What is it with retail receipts these days.  There’s almost less paperwork to a 40-mortgage. The joke use to be the CVS receipt.. buy a KitKat bar and get basically a double-roll of very harsh toilet paper in return.

Well, the local grocery outlet with the initials of G.E. just made a “big stink,” as my grandmother would say, about going green and eliminating the use of the plastic bags.  No biggie because they sucked to try and get open anyway and we have our own YaJagoff sustainable bags! (See the end of this blog).

In the meantime, G.E. as we refer to them seems to have doubled down on it’s receipts.  Pretty sure I can actually put my ATM card away in my wallet and put my wallet in my back pants pocket and bag 1 or 2 items into my sustainable bag before the receipt finishes printing.

Giant Eagle.. whoops…I mean G.E. …. are we going green or naw?  FYI, I would be totally entertained by a lengthy retail receipt if it had the secret math calculations behind that fuel perks programs… ’cause I know you ain’t giving me nuthin’ for FREE… YaJagoffs!

Thanks to Robin M for the idea for today’s Jagoffs blog post! She is our Honorary Jagoff Catcher.

If ya wanna YaJagoff Grocery Bag, click the pic and head to our store!

YaJagoff Grocery Bag


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