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That Steelers Tie With the Lionsd

Steelers Tie Lions Jagoffs

Yeah.. we get it. Getting a tie.. NOT getting a win against the Detroit Lions is the bigger issue from yesterday. But, the Lions’ punter, Jack Fox, is definitely up for jagoff of the day.  Sure there’s a long line of jagoffs from the game but, the acting job Fox gave was way over the top.  Guessing you could say the game officials should be jagoffs too but, Fox, like a little sissy, got touched by the thread hairs of  Miles Killebrew’s jersey and Fox rolled down to the ground like he was a professional soccer player.

Jack.. our kicker took a shot to the head 2 weeks ago, made a block another week and our punter, Pressley Harvin, made a tackle in your game….like.. they played football for real. They haven’t tried to win an Academy award!

If you wanna get your uniform dirty, play the real players and make a block or tackle… YaJagoff!

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