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Work Jagoffs

“That Guy” At Work With The Fake 32″ Waist


Have you seen this guy at work, at the mall, walking through town????  That guy that refused to believe that he can’t fit into his belt from 10 years ago!

Then ya have these other guys that REFUSE to concede when it’s time to buy a bigger pair of drawers.

They refuse to admit that a 32-inch waist was 12 years and a lot of Fiori’s pizza, beer, Mancini Bread and Dunkin Donuts ago. And for SOME reason, they STILL snug-up that belt to the worn-out 32-inch belt notch of yesteryear…presenting that oh-so-awesome Michelin Man look!

Some guys even shift the belt down their pelvis so that the ol’ 32-inch feels a little more comfortable especially after a “walking lunch” through the Arts Festival fried food venodrs!   They stand up straight, shimmy the belt down with their thumbs and say, “yep, there’s a THIRTY TOOOOO down here somewhere!”

Guys,  if ya have to push your belt down to your thighs to find yer 32-inch waistline, AND YOUR NOT A RAP ARTIST, it is time to say “hello” to a BIGGER belt and maybe stop tucking in the Steelers jersey into your jeans during black-and-gold day at work, Ya Jagoffs!!

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