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Tea Time at Tupelo Honey Teas

How’s everybody in the snow? This week, we decided to let YOU choose which destination the two of us focused on in Millvale and the comments came pouring in! Taking all into consideration, sifting through some and earmarking others for later installments, we managed to narrow it down and find peace in both mind and body! Pull on to Grant Street after coming off of 28 and you’re sure to fall in love with the small-town-esque energy of Millvale’s main drag. Snugly tucked past the Community Library lies Tupelo Honey Teas, the area’s premier tea and herbal shop.   

Started in 2016 by owner Danielle Spinolla, Tupelo offers everything from house blends, to food, to lessons on understanding the complexity and flavors of tea. As the door swings open, even as the January wind bites at every open participle of skin, the aroma of ginger, hibiscus flowers, chamomile, and mint are strong enough to turn off all the senses (except for smell) and entirely envelop you. 

A niche yinzer community for sure, Spinolla has deconstructed the notions of what “tea” is for all Millvale residents. Using her own extensive knowledge of herbal medicine, flavor profiles, and her general fondness for a cup herself, she’s opened a storefront that not only acts as a shop but as a communi-tea for both non and tea-enthusiasts. With an inventory of every style you can imagine, with green, black, herbal, white, oolong, as well as her seasonal blends and more (the Christmas chai is delicious,) there is some sort of combination or style somewhere on these walls for everyone and we do mean everyone! Whether you’re a pot-a-day kinda guy, or a one-cup-and-i’m-good type of person, Tupelo has the wealth of knowledge, products, and ambiance to attract even the most loyal coffee drinkers to think of converting!  

Now, you could drool at the mouth based on the number of combinations lining the walls alone but, instead, we suggest you ask for what’s best suited by the professional at the front desk! All we ask is you bring us back a pouch of green tea to help combat these winter winds! Make sure to check out Tupelo Honey Teas at 211 Grant Street, we promise you won’t leave empty handed (or hungry!)  

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