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Tanner the Podcast Dawg!

YaJagoff Blog, Tanner the Podcast Dog

Tanner is slowly becoming known as the Ya Jagoff Podcast Dawg.  If you have been a guest on the podcast during the pandemic you understand. If you have been on a zoom call, conference calls, one on one call, and maybe even live within a 5 mile radius, you have heard of Tanner the podcast dog. 

He is almost like a where’s Waldo, but not at all because he is ridiculously easy to pick out. His howl is not scary by any means, instead just like the term jag off, his howl is very endearing. He’s a gem. And then it becomes nighttime. 

Tanner the podcast dog thinks he’s human and legit rest his head on my pillow to prepare for his slumber. That’s where I draw the linewhen it is bedtime do not take up my space. We start looking at each other around 10 PM waiting for my husband to say I think Ima  go up. Truth be told, I rush whatever I am doing because if I don’t go to bed at the same time, I have lost my space to sleep. Is Tanner that smart?  

I have learned to sleep on my left side to try to use my old basketball skills and butt him out, it didn’t work. Sprawling out didn’t work, nudging him gently didn’t work. Basically, I turn on my side and try to take as much room as possible. What happens next? I feel tanner right behind me. Thanks for the slumber spoon, ya jag off. Of course, that is a term of endearment, Tanner the Podcast Dawg! 

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