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Taking the Word Jagoff Forward


It’s been a pretty fun week.  Two things happened, completely separate from each other, as far as planning, but worked out kind of cool.

Yesterday, I received the above pic from our buds at Eyetique on Instagram with the following message:

#EyeSpy our favorite jagoff, @yajagoff in the newest issue of @whirl magazine! #SEELocal #Pittsburgh#NCEyewear #Eyetique

It’s a photo of the most recent Eyetique ad, in their series of “-ique” ads featuring various Pittsburghers.  The campaign has been going on for years.  This specific ad is in the most recent Whirl Magazine issue.  It’s pretty damned cool to see that and I couldn’t be more appreciative of all of the support Norman Childs and his gang have given this blog.

As you know, Eyetique and 3 Guys Optical were very supportive of our dictionary project making a sizable donation to the Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation. Be sure to tweet, email, Instagram or Facebook a message to Norman and the gang and let them know how cool they are!

The other thing that happened this week was getting a chance to be on the KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live TV show to talk about my book, “Above the Fries.”  If by chance you live out of town and hadn’t seen the interview it is below.

If by chance you live near my parents, make sure you let them know that you were happy to see that I put on a sport coat for the TV interview!

Let me just say this….none of this is possible without you all following the blog each day, each week, occasionally or even if you only read it when your in-laws come to town and you say you’re “doing some extra stuff for work this weekend.

So thanks to you all!

I’ll do my best to keep up.

Thanks much, Ya Jagoffs (said in the term of endearment manner)

You can order the book by clicking on it below.

Above the Fries_Cover2


You can win a set of 4 YaJagoff shot glasses by making a comment below before Sunday,1/25 at 11:59pm.