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Supersizing the Social Distance at the Arches  

YaJagoff Blog McDonald's

Rach is up for today’s blog post!

If we learned anything through jagoff blogging it is don’t shoot yourself in the foot.  Well, in this case, don’t shoot yourself in the mouth, especially in John’s case because Mickey D’s is his weak to the ness when it comes to food.  So, we have one complaint, but it is followed by a cool story. So somehow it equals out.  

The complaint? There is no chicken on the McDonald’s menu. Is this common Mcknowledge? John gets his usual two hamburgers plain, large fry and a root beer.  Rach requests the grilled snack wrap….if it is a hungry day maybe two, plus a nonfat café mocha.   The last two trips at two different locations, NO chicken.  WTH?  We will not overly complain because the arches make John so happy. 

So, the cool story part? The group of breakfast buds who meet at the West View McDonald’s regularly can thank Corona for canning their morning routine. Not that I visited daily, but the times I snagged my morning mocha and occasional hash browns for the kids, I saw the crew.  They would sit at a few tables in one section and reminisce old West View with some coffees in hand.  They didn’t let Corona ruin the routine.  Instead, they moved their coffee clutch outside.  Just below the golden arches, you see the gang get their coffees through the drive thru, put their chairs in a socially distanced circle in the parking lot and chat and sip.  

So, thanks to the coffee clutch gang, John and I can go easy on the chicken famine at McD’s.  Lesson here? Find the silver lining, ya jagoff 

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