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Steelers vs. Pats

Steelers Lose to Patriots

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you are quite aware that we don’t do sports writing. But… when someone, in the public eye, screws up at their job in a very public way, well.. that LIKELY becomes blog material.

This pic sums up the entire preparation season for the Steelers maybe!  Just a tad outta sync. Yikes!  You know the feeling. You get ready for spent all weekend working on that report for Tara in accounting. You double-checked every single cell of the Excel file. You even ran the spell-checker.  You cross-referenced each sheet’s tab. You like it so much that you kinda want to put the spreadsheet in a shiny box so you can unwrap that thing in front of everyone like you’re preparing for a Penn and Teller illusion.

All of that and then..when you show up at the presentation…you get the computer blue screen of ill-will that says, PLEASE WAIT WHILE WHILE WE INSTALL A SYSTEM UPDATE.


Bottom line, we can’t win at that god-forsaken Boston stadium but, it is only one game in sooooooooooooooooo let’s just say… next Sunday is a new day, YaJagoffs!!

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