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Steelers: Polamalu Imposter Gets on Field with Team

Troy Polamalu Imposter, Steelers, Training Camp

Love the guy’s guts… well.. not the way the ladies loved THE REAL #43’s guts!

So, the summary of this story HAS to be, someone, at least a security guard or two, is getting fired.. i.e. becoming a security guard free agent!  And not because of lack of duty.. more for stupidity in NOT knowing that this guy was NOT Troy Polamalu (check the hair and abs) and the fact that Troy Polamalu wouldn’t even BE at camp in uniform.

No name on “PP,” Pretend Polamalu, yet but, my man is an internet sensation.. for now!  On top of everything else, “PP” also said he wanted to challenge Antonio Brown for a chase down!

See full story by the Trib’s Joe Rutter on

Haaaa NOPE!!!  “PP,” you wouldn’t catch yourself an AB if it was the Madden NFL 19 box (with AB’s pic on it)  bumping along on a treadmill and you were blasted out of a human sling shot machine!

“PP,” go back to your buds and be creepy… it’s probably best to return that home-made, Polamalu get-up to the Pat Catan’s, where you got the crap to make it, and get some scrapbooking supplies so that, when you are on house arrest, you can put together a nice little book of memories about your day at Steelers training camp… YaJagoff!