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It’s a Steelers-Lost-to-the-@#$#!-Bears Monday!

Well, things were set for today.  I had myself a nice blog post about a really good #PeterParkers pic and whodda thunk that I would have needed to write a late-breaking blog post about ….(can’t even write that)… NOT WINNING against the @#$#! Bears.

It was sooooooooooooooooo bad that, on the police scanner, we heard the City of Pittsburgh Police securing the bases of all of the bridges.  Even THEY knew this was bad and that it could cause Steeler fans to take to the bridge. I mean, given the phone calls to the post-game TV and Radio talk shows, it seemed like someone could have sold 3-foot personalized jumping plots all along each one of the County’s 446 bridges!!!

So this typically creates a terrible Monday morning vibe and it’s time to take on ALL of our Pittsburgh demons!

Hey refs, you SUCK, Ya Jagoffs! (standard in any loss)

Hey USAirways (now American-suckways), we STILL hate you for taking the Pittsburgh hub away, Ya Jagoffs!

Hey garbage can bag that wouldn’t stay open while we tried to put leaves in you yesterday before the Steelers game came on, we hate you too Ya Jagoff!

Fire Mike Tomlin! Fire Dan Bylsma! Bench Fleury… Ya Jagoffs!


And at work, like the signs says, the Steelers lost ANOTHER “any given Sunday” game against a non-capable opponent.  So, get your own coffee, run your own reports, answer your own marketing strategy questions, because everyone’s staying in their own cubicles today, Ya Jagoffs!