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Special Announcement: We’re Moving YaJagoff!

Y*aJagoff and Steel City Craft Emporium

Follow the bouncing gumball along with these recognizable lyrics, Jagoff style of course. 

Well, we’re a moving on up, to the District.  To a deluxe emporium on Penn that is. 

Always wanted to use the theme of the Jeffersons somehow, so hoping you sang that intro to its tune because yep, John and Rach are moving in like George and Weezie to the Steel City CRAFT Emporium on 3121 Penn Avenue…tomorrow! 

We were so excited about our move into the 412 shopper’s paradise that we decided to cram all our jagoff tees, grocery bags, hats, parking chair ornaments, specialty items and more into one moving day.  These items have been available via shipment, now yinzers can visit the Strip District location at the Steel City Craft Emporium to purchase with NO shipping fees.  Plus, expect some fun video shares and special appearances in the unique classroom space we get to use too.  It is like condo living where you have access to the pool and fitness center. Except we are in a steel city paradise. 

If that isn’t incentive enough to visit us, our neighbors are Yinz Lidz, Pittsburgh Paws NAt and Oakmont Olive Oil Company.  We will roll out the welcome mat tomorrow.  Add FREE parking, monthly pop-ups, and discounts for specialty days, and why wouldn’t you shop and visit regularly? Don’t bring us a windchime or fruitcake for welcome wishes, ya jagoff! 

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