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Spatial Awareness Jagoffs


Today is a guest blog by one of our buds, Tim McLaughlin, at 321Blink.

The Topic…. Personal Space Awareness… 

(Kind of like Tim’s example of crowding the Pirates Pierogi)


I love a good party. The bigger the better. HOWEVER, attending a big party exposes my biggest pet peeve. It’s more painful than a round of golf with Rob DeFazio. Drives me nuts when people have no spatial awareness…..

Spatial Awareness Jagoff #1
“Hey Tim, did you try any of the cheese?

Tim- “Actually no I didn’t, because your husband is guarding the table like a pride of lions protects an elephant carcass”#‎FiftyPoundsOfCheeseAndItsAllYours‬

Spatial Awareness Jagoff #2
“I wonder why all these people keep bumping into me”
(So says the lady who’s standing right in front of the doorway so engrossed in the “how hot is too hot for her hot yoga class” conversation )

#‎YouKnowWhatsHot‬ ‪ #‎YouMovingYourAssOutDaWay‬

Spatial Awareness Jagoff #3
“Did you just grab my ass?”

Tim- ” Why yes….yes I did!”