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Movie Jagoffs

So Where Can I See a Movie?

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We all understand that, due to the pandemic, many things are weird and different. Baseball games with piped-in crowd noise and paper cutouts of fans.  Restaurants putting chairs and tables in blocked off streets so that they can serve patrons. And no place to see movies… but… wait!

Drive-ins seem like the perfect place to social distance and see a movie. You can social distance to the point that you can even sit in your own car and leave your WINDAS rolled up and the air conditioning on. So let’s all meet at the drive-in.. wait… wait a minute. We can’t because the drive-ins are busy having concerts and graduations. The drive-ins are so busy that other places, like the Carrie Furnace lot, are acting as drive-in movie locations.

Gawd am I confused. (I realize it doesn’t take a lot to do that!)

Why didn’t we just leave the movies where movies play and have the concerts where the movies DON’T play?

Well….let’s stay tuned because maybe next we are gonna have socially distance church-lady card parties at the Kennywood bumper cars (socially distanced of course) and then we will all meet at the church parking lot to bumper cars (which is somewhat common when the kind-church people race outta Sunday mass to get the first table at the Eat n’ Park brunch!

This pandemic is making us all crazy….. YaJagoffs!!

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