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Driving Jagoffs

So They Didn’t Feel the Bump?

Kirby Puckett was a famous baseball player.  “Curby” Puckett, our nickname for this driver, apparently is, now, a famous bad driver.

Did ya not feel that bump in the back of the car when ya parked?  Better yet, didn’t your car feel like you parked on a bit of a slope when ya got out?  Not even just a little bit weird?  Like.. thank GAWD they didn’t run over, and park on, someone’s leg.  The driver would have just gone to have some brie and pecans while everyone else would OF helped free up the leg!  Clueless.

Hey “Curby” Puckett…..the BUMP in the back of the car was made by the JERK behind the wheel, Ya Jagoff!!

Big thanks to Dave Tinker, from Instagram, for being today’s Honorary Jagoffs Catcher!

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