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Snow Jagoffery Already!!!!

Pittsburgh Weather

One 1/2 day of snow and we already have a jagoff catch!  Can the driver see out of the back window?

So what do you think THIS driver’s excuse was for not cleaning off his window?

  • Didn’t have a Dollar Store brush?
  • Thought that the hot pizzas in the back seat would generate enough heat to melt the snow off of the back window?
  • They’re from Morgantown, WV and, before pulling out, forgot to light the back seat of the car on fire to defrost the back window?

Hey Snow Bunny…don’t you know about the Pull-Your-Sweater-Sleeve-Up-Over-Your-Hand-And-Use-Your-Arm-to-Clean-Your-Windows-Off-While-the-Car-Heater-is-Running-on-High law, Ya Jagoff?

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