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Should I Have Made A Left at the Light?


Not much to be written about today’s post.  Quite frankly, there are more questions than answers.

  • Once you see the trolley station, do you say, “Hmmm… I guess I should have made a left  back there at the light!
  • Or are ya so out of your mind that, you figure, like the Turnpike Ride at Kennywood, “I’ll just catch one of those rails and it will take me around safely!
  • What prompted you to stop at HERE.. was it the potential of imminent death from the “Light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Is this the new energy-efficient-clown-car trolley that actually fits 39 passengers?
  • Is this the one scenario in the entire world where the use of that irritating idiot from the Arby’s commercials would actually be funny, saying, “Really?… Really?
  • Is driving on trolley tracks going to be the new, “Outta towner challenge” that takes the place of trying to climb down the hillside from Mount Washington to Carson Street?

But, the ULTIMATE question is, “How far does one have to drive on trolley tracks before one realizes, that …. YOU’RE DRIVING ON TROLLEY TRACKS, Ya Jagoff?


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