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Recycling Jagoffery


Go ahead… I’ll wait.

It took me a little bit so don’t be embarrassed but, if you’ve recognized it already, you’re faster and smarter than me so just sit there and shut up until the others, like me, catch up.  (You probably were one of those annoying kids who finished the elementary tests faster than others and sat their tapping your pencil and smirking.)

TIME!  Pencils down!

Do you see the garbage coffee cup stuffed into the Bottles & Cans ONLY hole?

OK, so you don’t like the recycling movement OR even more, you’re too lazy to throw your empty coffee cup into the garbage can that’s probably within 5 feet of the recycle bin!

OR, even more so, you have daddy/mommy/coffee/espresso issues so you thought stuffing that cup into your dad’s pie-hole when you did that!

Nope… probably just lazy.  Listen… we are all serious about this recycling stuff.  So get with it!  Just ask the people trying to save on paper… who also give you a receipt with a word count of a 30-year mortgage just for a cup of morning jo and a doughnut, Ya Jagoff!


Thanks to Ron K of @MugShotz for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher.

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