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Post Game Interview: Steelers Backup to the Backup QB Landry Jones


Well… who would have ever suspected that the 3rd string quarterback would play, let alone win and then, even more, give us a few tidbits in the locker room.  It’s brief, but, poignant.

What was the feeling you had when you knew that you were going in and, this one, was not just going to be for a down or two?

LJ: I’m like, what the hell do I do with these nachos?  Then I thought, well, I’ll put them underneath the bench so that nobody steps on them. I’ve seen that done in the stand just behind the bench so many times.

I’ll bet it felt good to get a couple of touchdown passes in that Steelers uniform.

LJ: Quite honestly, I was like, let’s just not get this uniform torn or dirty.  I usually use it for my Halloween costume. But, in second thought, if it got torn or dirty, I guess I could have just gone as “Ghost Landry Jones” or worn high heels with it and gone as “Sexy Landry Jones.”

Thanks for spending time with us.  I know you have a lot of other interviews to do so I’ll let you go.

LJ: No problem at all.  I’m just trying to get someone to cover my shift at the Forbes Avenue Panera tonight.  I do closing and I’m not usually here at the stadium this late.  I’m kinda screwing over the evening manager right now but, hopefully he will understand if he watched the game.

Any last thoughts?

LJ: I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove dogs!  Absolutely love them!  And, to all of those wanting Tim Tebow to come here, take THAT YaJagoffs!


NOTE: Celebrity voice and font impersonated.

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