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If We Cut Service And Charge More – “They Will Come.” What?


Over the weekend, the Post Office announced they are still bleeding, financially, and that they were going to have to cut back on service including the fact that a First Class stamp may not get the standard First Class service anymore.  So we might not get “speedy delivery” DESPITE the fact that we are paying more for it than we ever have.

A week or two ago, the Port Authority of Allegheny County announced that they are still losing money and that they may have to cut service again DESPITE the fact that the current bus rides are some of the most unreasonable prices you can find for a 4-mile inconvenient ride.  But for some reason they cannot understand why ridership is down.

We are currently working on the following rumor regarding the Post Office:

You may have to walk your mail to the mailbox closest to the recipient’s location and and then pay a “mailbox opening” fee to put the letter in on top of the postage fee.

An ongoing rumor at the Port Authority that we are working to verify is:

You may have to catch a bus on Tuesday at 9:30am in Coraopolis to get to start your job at Children’s Hospital at 7pm on Wednesday.

But what’s a little inconvenience, right?  It’s a great way to catch some “Quotes On The Bus!”

So where have we heard THIS business case study before, “We may offer a horrible product but we’re gonna have to charge you more for it?”  (C’mon, think hard!)

Did you guess the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Hey Post Office and Port Authority, maybe you should ask yourselves, “What would Wal-Mart do?”  Or even more locally, “What Would UPMC do?”

We know what BOTH would do.  They would cut costs buy bullying every supplier selling stuff to them: “We will not pay what you want us to pay for your product or service.  We’re in control here and if you want to do business with us we will pay you something close to 10-cents on a dollar.”  Hey, you can’t argue with the tactics, they’re making money!!!!

Are there any administrators at the Post Office and Port Authority who passed 6th grade math?

Hey Stevie Bland and Patty-Cake Dohue, as the administrators of these two organizations you guys need a little lesson in 4th grade made… drawing bunches of apples and doing “take-aways.”

Here’s the KEY business point, if you continue to take away the service and keep increasing your prices, you eventually end up out of business and broke, unless you’re a couple of free-riddin’ government administrators, Ya Jagoffs!


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