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Porch Tour

Send Us a Pic of Your Porch to Win!

It’s Summer! Bring on the Porch Parties!;

The 4rd Annual J&D Waterproofing Summer Porch Tour accepts Zachary’s Mission again this summer. Four chosen homeowners will host the jagoffs and;all of;the entertainment that comes with the visit, from games and guests, to the Zack Pack Challenge.;

Contestants should post #PickMyPorch;on the;Ya;Jagoff social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter explaining why their porch should be chosen;along with a pic!;

Four lucky winners will host a party on their porch on June 29, July 27, August 10 and August 17th.  The weekly YaJagoff! Podcast episode will be recording live on each selected porch, complete with iconic guests, games, food and all you do is invite friends and neighbors to help build the most backpacks with the necessary components inside: full supply list on Zachary’s Mission website.

YaJagoff encourages each winner to invite friends and family to each porch party in order to see how many Zachary’s Mission, Zack Packs they can build using the list of needed items. Guests simply bring these items to the porch podcast and the household that makes the most Zack Packs will receive a special prize from YaJagoff Media and recognized at the ultimate porch party at Wahlburger’s in September…complete with bragging rights. We gauge the ‘pack’ population by filling a Honda—thanks to our title sponsors, Rohrich Honda in Bloomfield. Porch with the most packed Honda wins! 

So, join the porch party and post #PickMyPorch,;Ya;jagoff!;

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