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Driving Jagoffs

Plumber DOESN’T Show A Crack In Traffic!


What helps you sit through Pittsburgh, or even Honolulu, rush-hour traffic?  Radio?  iPod? Talking to your carpool buddies? Putting your make-up on or reading your Kindle while driving one-handed?  Here’s what helps us – catching drivers being…. well….. YOU know!!!!!

CLEARLY the trip to Hawaii a few weeks ago was SUCCESSFUL!   We have begun to create a band of Honorary Jagoff Catchers a half a world away, and one of them caught a Hawaiian “Block Blocker!”

Other than being Maha‘oi, (rude), we’re not sure what the guy in the plain white van (we’re assuming he’s a plumber) was doing.

Was he trying to get to his plumbing job .234232442 seconds faster than everyone else?

Was he trying to read the emails of the driver in front of him BY READING OVER HIS SHOULDER through the back window?

Wait!  Maybe he was trying to read the laundry instructions on the shirt of the driver of the car in front of him!!!

Either way, it’s  unfortunate that there’s no company name on the side of that van that said, “ABC Plumbers… 808-555-5555, Call Us To Clear ANY CLOGS!

Because other than the OVERWHELMING  JOY one experiences by capturing a picture like this and submitting it to our blog, the next best fun thing would have been to actually call the number and say, “Aloha!  Could you please take your pipe cleaner thingy-ma-jiggers and shove them in your ARSE?   Because,  right now, your van is like the soap-scummy-UNPLUNGEABLE-hairball-left-after-actor-Russell-Brand-and-Snooki-each-showered-three-times  of rush hour traffic, Ya Lolo Buggah (Hawaiian form of Jagoff)!!!


Thanks to Twitter follower, PR diva, blogger, writer, runner, traveler, foodie, pushy Chinese broad @Melissa808 for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!!!!

Melissa’s REAL blogging goes on at Non Stop Honolulu!

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