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Public Toilet Jagoffery

Jagoff blog about Pittsburgh

We’ve all seen it.  There’s pee on the public or home toilet seat but nobody admits to it knowing how it got there.

Somehow this odd phenomenon occurs but, the phenomenon of an adult taking responsibility  and cleaning up after themselves seems to be missing.  Which, by the way “missing” seems to be the overall issue here doesn’t it?

Now, if there’s a grandpap in your house or that used the toilet before you, the picture above may acceptable and all bets are off.

Consider this an open letter to the men having a tough time with aim.  For this pic in a local public restroom, it looks like someone was doing the Hokey Pokey while they’re peeing because of all the pee trickles all over the floor, wall and toilet.

So secret toilet pee monster, paleeeeeeze use a few squares of toilet paper and clean up after yourself or I will start praying that your cell phone drops in the toilet while you’re simultaneously trying to text and pee ya secret toilet monster Jagoffs!

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