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Christmas Decoration Jagoffery

Christmas Decorations Jagoffs

I’ll bet we all have a neighbor that leaves their Christmas decorations up just a little too long, right?  Maybe it was even you at one point. Like this person who actually finally looks timely again!

How long you leave your decorations up CAN BE a social dilemma.

If you take your Christmas decorations down the day after Christmas, you’re a grinch – a non-believer!  If ya leave them up after the end of January, you’re lazy, an embarrassment to the rest of the neighbors. (UNLESS of course your waiting for someone to come home from the hospital/military)

HOWEVER, if it’s late April, and there have been MORE THAN A FEW of those ‘Burgh-winter sunny days since January and your holiday decorations are still up, your a …(wait, I have one more thing to say before the big finish).

Let me put it this way:

The Hartwood Acres’ Project Bundle-up, 3.2 miles of Christmas lights, someone takes them down in a timely manner.

 The Overly’s Christmas 2.1 Million Christmas lights – someone takes all of THEM down.

The Oglebay Resort 3-mile, 125-acre Festival of Lights – someone gets all of them down in a timely manner TOO!

How about you offer a couple of Iron City cans with Steelers or Penguins COOZIES to some of your neighbors and send them outside with wrenches, screwdrivers, a hammer and a stepladder to take that wreath down. Of course, with masks and socially distanced laddering techniques!!

In the meantime… don’t take that wreath down NOW.  This time of year, you look EARLY!  Kind of like leaving your dead-battery watch.. it’s correct 2 times a day. But please mark your Google calendar to get that thing down the first warm day in February… or at the latest March, 20201….. YaJagoff!


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