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Pittsburgh Beach “Photo Caption Contest”



If Pittsburgh Had a Beach …

Happy Saturday by the way… something a little different today.

Every once in awhile a new idea pops up around the Burgh that deserves attention, some good, some bad – and some to epic proportions! Which brings us to this photo-illustration from Bryan Brunsell, owner of PGH 4 Life Apparel Company.

“The idea popped into my head one day this summer looking at images of the Point and it’s three rivers – and thinking about how much Pittsburghers love the beach, but have to drive long hours every summer to get to one. So I worked some photoshop magic to create this fan-art image” says Bryan.

We agree! The response has been overwhelming on social media with retweets, comments and OMG moments from fans – some who really want this to happen! Because of this, PGH 4 Life Apparel is running a Photo Caption Contest – all responses are eligible for a FREE T-shirt of your choice at


1)        Respond below with your comments or captions BELOW. Have fun, be creative and share with friends! 

2)        Each person who comments is eligible for the FREE tshirt 

3)        Contest ends 10pm EST Sunday 7/28

4)        Best comment/caption wins (as chosen by Bryan Brunsell)

4)        Winner announced Monday afternoon 7/29 3pm (EST)



Contest and Prize sponsored by:


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