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Pitt Student “Falls” for a Girl

Photo Credit: Daryll Sapp, PG

In case you didn’t see any of the Pittsburgh news outlets yesterday, this kid from Pitt really did this.  Grant B. tried to act like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer…. jumping from one roof to another…to impress a girl. And as you can see, by the larger photo, things didn’t go so well.  He fell down between the two buildings and the City Police, Fire, EMS and Public Works professionals had to jackhammer a hole in the wall of the Oakland Qdoba to free him.

Article in PG HERE

First…. he ain’t the first one to do something stupid for a girl.  That said, has he never heard of chocolate-covered strawberries, flowers or those valentine candy heart thingies that say, “Be Mine” on them?

Haaaaa…. I can see the texts now:

Mom and Dad: “Hey son, how’s your first week back at school going?”

Kid: “Can you please put more Pitt-dollars on my meal plan card? I owe Qdoba a few bucks!”

Nice goin’ Grant…I think the most Jagoffiest part of your actions was when ya gave the thumbs up to the TV cameras as if you were a famous sports figure getting wheeled off the field in the big game.  Did you SnapChat yourself stuck in between 2 walls by any chance?

Cool of you to put all of those rescuers at risk, especially at shift change which causes overtime and then, to put 2 businesses out of service for the morning, cause a huge traffic jam during rush hour, on move-in day yet let alone, now there’s a hole in someone’s wall and you WAVE to the TV cameras?

Gotta tell ya…if my parents had seen me all over the news, causing all that mess, I would have gotten the old, “You BETTER be on your way to a Trauma Center because, when I get there, you’re gonna NEED a Trauma Center from the a$$ beatin’ I’m about to give ya!”

Waving to the cameras… if that was anyone with any sense of shame, once freed from ‘tween the walls, they would have beat themselves with a couple of those loose bricks about the head, neck and face so that nobody.. INCLUDING my parents.. recognized me when they pulled me outta that building, Ya Jagoff!

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