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#PeterParkers Monday!


Well….this is not accidental like… I-was-kinda-on-my-cell-phone-and-just-lost-track-of-the-lines-but-I-was-only-gonna-be-a-minute-picking-up-some-milk stuff.  This is blatant jagoffery, #PeterParkers.

One of these is from the North Versailles WalMart and one from the North Huntingdon Giant Eagle.  Anyone know if they have RedBox at these two locations?  Oh wait, no!  The RedBox I’ll-just-be-a-minute-but-it-never-takes-just-one-minute parking usually happens right in front of the machine blocking everyone else from getting a buggy or getting in the door.

I guarantee these drivers don’t take responsibility for their bad parking if you called them on it!  I’d go to them and say, “why did you park on the lines like that?”  And just like the drivers that you beep at and THEY turn and give YOU the finger, these drivers would probably say, “These lines weren’t here when I parked! They used a special machine that paints these things underneath cars!

To that, I’d say …. I ain’t big on conspiracy theories, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to Anonyomous on Facebook and @TheTransitMan on Instagram for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catchers.

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