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PeterParkers….Like a HUGE Miss!

Yeah.. that’s for real. I guess the driver just wanted to be sure that the sign on the ground matched the sign hanging on their review mirror.  Either that OR….they thought the driver of the black car in the space in front of it, was inside purchasing a 25-foot ladder and might need space to load the ladder.

By the way, don’t know why we call these #PeterParkers?  Check HERE!

In the meantime, if this was a golf game, this car would be parked right down the center of the fairway but not pin high.  The sign on the ground should say NO GOOD AT PARKING, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to Stacy in Sharon, PA for SHARIN’ (get it? lol! I did that myself) the pic and being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher.

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