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Hockey Jagoffs

Penguins Logo Jagoffery?

Sometimes I hate those “You only had one job” things but this applies I think!

I get it, ya wanted to make it look like the Penguin was skating on your bumper. Ya just had to have the Penguin’s legs look like a twinkle-toes penguin with it’s feet fluttering below it.  Maybe you say, “Hey, I’ve seen Google Earth pics of the downtown at the point and the REAL Pittsburgh triangle and Ohio River points at an odd angle so I want MINE to be at and odd angle too.”


Appreciate ya being a fan and showing the team colors but… have ya seen a Pen’s jersey in real life?  Wait… in second thought…thank GAWD you didn’t have a Pens jersey, with this logo, on when you put this on your car!  Because, you may have looked down at your jersey and proceeded to put the logo on your car the way it looked to you… UPSIDE DOWN.

Like a catholic penance.. please IMMEDIATELY fix that logo and then go watch 14 Pens games, that have the Pens in this logo, read the 5 “My day with the cup,” books, and purchase 3 team jerseys (one for me of course) as your punishment. And if you do this again, we will force you to watch Ovechkin lifting the Stanley Cup for a minimum of 47 times.. YaJagoff!

Thanks to G-Money H for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher!