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Pastor Allegedly Left Toddlers in Car While at Casino

Pastor Allegedly Left Two Toddlers in Car While He Gambled at Casino

Here’s a note you won’t see in SunDEE’s church bulletin.

A local pastor, ALLEGEDLY wanted some Guy Fieri nachos from the local casino. It appears that wasn’t all that he wanted because after about a half-hour, he was $1,600 to the good from betting at the slot machines.  Oh, and, well, his kids just happened to be in the car outside the casino.  But don’t be worried, he was a good dad because he left the car running and the air conditioner on for them!

See full story here.

Not a hunnard percent sure but, we think this might affect his changes at becoming the 2021 Best Rev as voted on by readers of Good Shepharding magazine!

Here’s what’s needs to happen NEXT.  The kids gets a play day.  Some day, in the dead of the upcoming winter, they get to go out to Robinson Town Centre and play in the IKEA Ball Room for an hour.  They also get ice-cream and cake and someone to tell them that they love them (and mean it).  The whole time the kids are inside, the Rev has to stay outside in bare feet and no coat, walking through icey slush retrieving shopping carts.  This happens until the kids say they’re done shopping, playing, eating.

Hey Rev, thinking THIS should be on the church letter-board along the road, this week, ““Eat your betting money but don’t bet your eating money… especially with your kids in the car,” YA JAGOFF!

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