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Parking Jagoffs

Parking… What Would YOU Do?

What are we seeing here?

If the YaJagoff-estrator isn’t helpful, we will explain.

Driver on the right, in the I’m-driving-a-big-truck-to-make-up-for-my-other-short-comings truck parked in a Handicap spot without a tag.  Just pulled that rig right on in there.

Driver on left, has zero idea that they parked in a non-parking spot, which, by the way, was designated as a non-parking spot because it was next to a Handicap spot (to allow the H driver room to get in and out!)

We are throwing our hands up on #PeterParkers! Hmmmmmm…. Leaving notes posting on blogs.. and parking is getting WORSER!!!

You tell us! What should we do ?

Thanks to @Finerific on Twitter for being today’s Jagoff Catcher!

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