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Big Mac 50th Birthday

Our Day With the Birthday Boy… The Big Mac Turns 50

Last Thursday… we spent time following the Big Mac Birthday Celebration around Pittsburgh.  It included champagne and Big Macs!

Not sure how many of ya saw the Facebook videos sooooooo below are some of the videos that appeared on our Facebook page.  We had some fun!

Meet Michael Delligatti, son of the Big Mac creator, Jim Delligatti.

Johnny Angel and the Halos sing the bestest rendition of “Happy Birthday”

Wait! Johnny Angel has a few Big Mac stories! He got them for a buck?

Ruthie! She is 97 and has been working for McDonald’s for over 25 years!  She remembers Mr. Delligatti.

But this cake from Bethel Bakery!

The Heinz History Center’s Andrew Masich .. champagne and Big Macs and a little rendition of “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese on a sesame seed bun!

As it turns out, the Heinz History Center’s Chief of Security used to be on McDonald’s place mats as “Officer Friendly.”

No other blog, newspaper, TV or radio station chronicled the day like we did! Our bellies were full, our smiles were huge and our gratitude toward the Delligatti family was immense!

Thanks to Kerry Ford Communications for inviting us to be involved in the day!

And a huge thanks to Katie Love Social for hanging with us to produce the videos!

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