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Which One is the Gas Pedal?

How many times a day do you find yourself wishing you had lights and sirens in your cars so that you could pull over the car in front of you and NICELY explain that the gas pedal is the one on the right and that the car goes faster the more they press that pedal toward the floor?

O.K. so maybe some of us who do this SHOULD take some kind of course in “patience.”  (Like ME probably)

On the other hand, the driver in the car above, I’m pretty sure, needs a brush-up Driver’s Ed class – where they explain the ratio of gas pedal depression as it relates to the angle of the inclined plane of the road in front of you!  Then of course, a driver courtesy brush-up explaining the #1 reason for being in the left lane —- PASSING ANOTHER CAR!!

I was behind this guy going through the Fort Pitt Tunnels, outbound.  As I came out of the tunnel, I tried to nicely toot-toot the horn to get him to move his 40mph driving activities to the right lane.  Did he? NOPE!  I ended up going around him, passing him and giving him “THE LOOK.” He, then, looks back and flashes the single-fingered universal hand signal for “I-know-where-my-gas-pedal-is-I’m-just-terrified-of-using-it-And-I’m-kind-of-low-on-turn-signal-fluid-So-I’m-gonna-just-stay-in-this-lane.”  

Hey “Lefty,” how about a little COMMON COURTESY, YA JAGOFF!