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One More Display – This One Took Some Work!

Denver checking in!  Here’s the email that came with the pics:

I am one of 8 kids from Pittsburgh.  Although I live in CT, the Burgh is home and always will be! I took these after rearranging ornaments in stores while Visiting my sister in Denver. Hard to explain to non-Pittsburgers in the store, so we just didn’t bother!  Also, had to get get creative when I was short a letter. Merry Christmas and Go Stillers!!

So, did ya notice the O in the pic on the right? We think it’s a nice level of creativity under pressure.  I mean, I look at these pics and wonder of the people that are performing Jagoff-atier missions, like this, are operating under Oh-My-Gawd-I-can’t-get-that-stupid-wrenched-ankle-thingy-outta-that-stupid-Operation-game kind of sweaty brow pressure to get these done? (That’s like sick to my stomach nerves)

Do we need a highly trained Jagoff Team 6 to execute these kinds of missions after rehearsing them over and over in all kinds of environmental conditions and various levels of darkness to execute these? Nope! Just some awesome traveling yinzers!

OK cool that someone traveled from Connecticut to Denver to teach the mile-highers about the word Jagoff…. Ya Jagoffs (used as the “term of endearment” form right dare!)

Thanks to Robin Nied Taylor for being our Jagoff-atier (Jagoff artist) today!