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No Slop-slop-sloppy Joes!


Story Summary:

A cafeteria lady from Keystone Oaks School Distrcit  has ALLEGEDLY been skimming more than the “take-a-penny-Keep-a-penny” cup since about 2010.

Allegedly to the tune of $90K which is equal to about 20,123 meat loaf and mashed taters platters!

Allegedly, she used the money to… well…. pay some bills .

Full Story on WPXI Here

And to be perfectly clear, there is no information on whether she, some days, also sneaked an a roll or a 2 dice-sized squares of jello (with a dollop of fake whipped cream, of course) on certain days when she worked.

But no matter, the focus here is on the lady who, each time they sold another plate of Grade D meat chili or up-sold a student from a ham-and-cheese to a full meat loaf entree platter, saw more reasons to leave her TV and house lights on all day (like you do when you’re in a hotel) and her shower running to steam her clothes (like you do when you’re in a hotel) because the kids were ALLEGEDLY paying her bills!

She got caught because some other cafeteria workers had noticed some missing funds or, perhaps it was the hair nets, be-jeweled with REAL DIAMONDS and RUBIES or the bright red DRE BEATS STUDIO 2.0 OVER EAR HEADPHONES she had on!

Well Ms. Smith (if that’s your REAL name or your hotel check-in name), it appears that, when it came to stealing the kids lunch money, ya did a:

Sloppy job, slop, sloppy job.  Sloppy job, slop, sloppy job.  Sloppy job, slop, sloppy JOB!

We guess whatever HAPPENS in the cafeteria doesn’t necessarily STAY in the cafeteria.. especially the cash, Ya Jagoffs!!!!!


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