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No Parking or Ya Get the Pumpkin Treatment

The parking spaces in Bloomfield are few and far between.  True. A parking space in front of your own residence is necessary and kinda an unsaid rule that you get at least one.

So when someone nonchalantly saunters into the neighborhood looking for a spot to park, just  for a few minutes, it should be ok, right? I mean do the Pittsburgh lap, circle through, and assess. If ya think it is someone’s spot, don’t take it even if it is for a few minutes and you are picking up your grandchild. But it is NOT the end of the world, either.

So the story is that a grandmother was simply short-term parking to snag her grandchild.  She parked in front of a Blomfield guy’s house and he lost his stuff.  Not sure how quickly it escalated, but in the spirit of Halloween, he threw not one, but two pumpkins at her.  Let that process and then absorb the fact that the alleged thrown pumpkins drew blood. Then the pumpkin launcher yelled at the woman’s son while she was being taken to be checked out.

The lesson here? Use a parking chair to reserve your parking space like most Pittsburghers, ya jagoff.  Spare the pumpkins!

Read the full story in the Tribune-Review:

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