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Work Jagoffs

More Elevator Jagoffery

We all hated that kid in school that, when you were taking a test, kept sniffing.. “sniff……sniiiiiif…sniff..sniff.” And you’d be like, “Dude! Blow your nooooooooose!”

Well, maybe that irritating kid grew up, took your advice and now works in the same office complex as you?  This might be that kid’s sign…STILL wanting to irritate you.

For god sakes….wiping boogers on the wall near urinals is gross but somewhat of an accepted practice.. especially in stadiums but!!!  This is ridiculous.  It equals spitting your bum on the sidewalk in a 90-degree day.  I don’t want your gooey germs!

If you’re gonna blow your nose in the elevator, follow the Sister Anecita’s lead and stuff that thing in your sleeve!  Or, for God sake… at least stuff it in your own pocket.. your mom’s not here to clean up after you, YaJagoff!

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