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March Madness

March “Jagoff Madness” Build the Brackets

Ok… everyone in the world does some kind of bracket contest sooooooo here we are with the SECOND year of March YaJagoff Madness!

Last year’s winner was The Squirrel Hill Tunnel Entrance!

Here’s the deal, below in the comments, tell us what are “Things That Turn People Into Jagoffs.”  Ya see, not everyone is born a jagoff.  Most people aren’t Jagoffs all of the time….just on occasions. But…. they get behind the wheel of a car, get on a smart phone, eat in public…and BOOM… opportunities for jagoffery.

Below, let’s build the list of what should be on the March YaJagoff Madness Bracket.  Then, during the next few weeks, we will have everyone vote and determine WHAT thing or things turn people into Jagoffs.

Examples: Cars, shopping carts, yellow lights, cell phones in public, clothing, whatever.

So start the list, go!

Happy Monday…. now go comment, Ya Jagoffs!

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