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A Little Big Mac Jagoffery


We all have a story of going through the drive-thru, ordering something, paying, driving away and after getting a mile or 2 down the road, you’re order is screwed up.  But… too late to turn around.

This?  Not a biggie, I mean, the bun is still covering the burger and condiments.  It’s just kind of inside out.

No biggie?  Well, how about the lack of confidence that your sandwich was made exactly according to the “How to assemble” photo instructions that are on hand?  How about your lack of confidence in the fact that the assembler didn’t recognize the difference between the bottom of a triple-layer bun vs. the middle slice?  Then extrapolate that in to how about the lack of confidence that the person who assembled the sandwich knew how to read the “Wash hands before leaving restroom” pictorial or the hand-dryer how-to pics?  Yeah… it goes to dark places if ya let it.

Hey Hamburger-er, can ya please put the sandwiches together properly so that we all have greater confidence that you knew how to wash and dry your poopy hands properly when ya left the restroom right before ya touched my sandwich, Ya Jagoffs?

Thanks to BallerJay36 on Instagram for the pic and for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher!