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Let’s Get Yinz In The Dictionary

Yinz not in dictionary jagoffs

Yinzers, we are known for so many things in Pittsburgh and I could of swore use of the word yinz ranked up ‘er.

We unofficially made pierogis a holiday staple, use weathered chairs to mark our parking spaces, strive to make jagoff a term of endearment, and have a knack for changing words.

But now with words like long Covid, 5G and even shitshow  being added to the dictionary, why shouldn’t our slow tongue moving version of you guys better known as yinz be among the new list?  We have the word on tees, mugs and we say it when referring to everyone in the 412. I mean who do we talk to?

Is there a process to get in? I mean jagoff got in thanks to our highly visible war with Chicago’s claim of it.  Do we have to go to blows? With who?  We can match up to anybody with a war of words and create our own meaning. The word yinz is small, but mighty, uses letters not often used, showing resourcefullness, and we have cred.  In addition to tees and mugs, we add ers to the word and identify as yinzers, better known as people knowing a lot about Pittsburgh.

Move over younz, a version of yinz, these lazy-tongue yinzers are figuring out a way to get our word into the big book of words.  Try to stop us, ya jagoff!

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