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Let the Jagoff Display Season 2018 Begin

Here we go! We gave the challenge last week and here is Imagine walking through the aisle of the little Colorado gift shop… you’re perusing along the handmade trinket-thingy things thinking..”hmmmm.. I wonder if they have a… wait…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait god darned minute! What the??????” And then you chuckle and move on wondering WHO in the #$%# would do something like that?

Well, this fine piece of work was done by Robin as she was shopping on Black Friday! And, not only is this proliferating the Jagoff work around town, Robin is bringing smiles on multiple people at a time when more smiles are needed!

Robin wrote: “These are metal charms I found in a random store. We really tried all the monogrammed mugs in Williams-Sonoma but hard to find 2 “F”’s!! “

Would love to get hidden video of people’s reactions to these things!

Ok.. if you’re new here, here is when we posted the challenge for 2018! Send us MORE! Get more aggressive.  Just don’t deface anyone’s property, Ya Jagoffs!

Thanks again Robin