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Left Out of T’Giving Week 

Today’s blog post by YaJagoff Podcast partner, Rachael Rennebeck

The closer we get to the holiday season the more it seems ‘something’ days are declared.  I mean admittedly I check the trending days of the week thanks to the National Days Calendar website.  I always appreciate a national drink chocolate milk til you’re bloated day or a Sandra Bullock appreciation day.  But since Light Up Night, or Santa Spectacular, depending on which end of downtown you prefer, every day of the week has a declared something.  So, below is an ode to the week of Thanksgiving: 

  • You know Tuesday is about acts of good, hence the title Giving Tuesday, 
  • Wednesday eve is the big night out, filled with spirits and a longer bar stay. 
  • Thursday is the big day of thanks when everyone shows gratitude and grace, 
  • Friday is a saver’s dream full of deals and winning in the retail race. 
  • Saturday is small business but holds a lot of clout, the ma and pa store owners dream without a doubt. 

So, we are left to get ready to give, and drink, and eat, and save, and shop small.  Perhaps today, the only day of the week without a title, is prepping for it all Monday? All that is left is to thank the unknown being who declares all these days, thanks for another day to celebrate except one day of the week of the most grateful week of the year, ya unknown jagoff!

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