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Lane-Cutter Driving Jagoff


Every rush hour there are long lines of traffic to sit in.  And every rush hour, there are drivers who believe that THEIR schedule is MORE IMPORTANT than yours –  so they slide up along the line of 30, or so vehicles of drivers some of who are paying attention, some on their phones, some picking their nose, some cleaning their car out….whatever… while waiting patiently in line..then try to eek in at the front of the line.

So let’s give this driver the benefit of the doubt and say, they ACCIDENTALLY got into the wrong lane and SUDDENLY found themselves in a rush-hour quandary.

Well the guess what?  There’s a novel solution for that…obey the signs of the road and the flow of the traffic then pick a safe place to turn around and head whatever direction you want to drive!

Oh wait, you can’t or won’t do that because that extra driving time might make you late for work but, don’t worry, the rest of us all of jobs and bosses that don’t CARE what time WE show up for work, YA JAGOFF!