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Labor Day off for the YaJagoff Podcast?

Episode18_sean2Every Tuesday, I post our weekly YaJagoff Podcast here.  We record it on Saturdays.

However, we took this past Saturday off.  Yep… we were sitting around doing NOTHING on Saturday morning for once.  Ya know what that meant?  There were no donuts or sausage or nothin!  The bottom line, we ain’t taking any more Saturdays off!!

If you’ve never clicked on these links to listen the podcast, we are coming up on Episode 37.  So you need to get caught up via this blog (Search “Episode 1” or whatever all the way up to 36).

If you’re not sure what a podcast is, it’s like a radio show but, on the internet and you can listen to it on your smart phone, your computer or whatever WHENEVER you want.  It’s all about you!  And our YaJagoff Podcast is all about Pittsburgh.. and you can listen to it WHENVER you want.

Since we took this past Saturday off, here’s one of our favorite episodes with one of Pittsburgh’s coolest radio guys, WDVE’s Sean McDowell!

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Episode 18: “Shopping Cart/Buggy Jagoffery”

Episode Music: The Anna James Band, “Head Over Heals

00:52 What are you when it comes to shopping buggy returns? Do you walk up and nicely place the buggy into the row at the cart return or do you shove it from 20-feet away?

06:00 We play “Tasha or Tori.” This episode, we have Tori Mistick of talking about:

14:51 We interview Pittsburgh radio legend, Sean McDowell, who has been doing afternoon drive-time broadcasts for 20+ years! He’s being inducted into the Cancer Caring Center, Pittsburgh Legends of Rock and Roll.

28:50 After we let Sean take a beer break, we ask him the REALLY, REALLY hard questions!

39:30 John and Craig wrap-up.

  • Kim Lyons hangs up on us
  • Matt Light hangs up on us
  • Where we ate? The Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe, Collier Town Center
  • The FoodTasters is giving away 3 $25 gift cards this week. Go to The FoodTasters enter to win.
  • Hummus, beer and cheese pretzels, huuuuuge wraps, burgers and tons of craft beers in the fridge! If you go there, tell Mark (owner) or Eric (manager) we said “Hey!”

Don’t forget, we have a phone number, i.e. a heckling line. Call us 412-444-8JAG

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