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Just Passin’ Through.. NAKED and DRUNK!

YaJagoff Blog bad Truck Driver

So, technically, this truck driver is not a Pittsburgher embarrassing the rest of Pittsburghers but… in our opinion, he still deserves a jagoff post.

This truckdriver was passing through Westmoreland County and just happened to go off the road… quite a ways as it looks from the pic.  A do-gooder followed the skid marks to the truck and found the driver standing their naked, allegedly intoxicated just chatting it up. Was he filming a new episode of “Naked and Afraid – Mother Truckers?”

Our question is, with all of these cargo containers waiting to be trucked across the country, what was in this truck that he has now delayed?  Hoping it wasn’t the fuzzy slippers and bathrobes that I had ordered for my mother. Can someone please verify the contents?

Dude, there’s a big push to hire truck drivers, especially female truck drivers. We don’t think this is a great way to attract anyone to the profession. Nobody wants to see you driving naked.. and .. by the way.. if you drive naked all day, what in the ##&! does your driver seat smell like?  Yuck.. put clothes on and pay attention to the road YaJagoff!

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