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What Would Juju Do? – Bike Story Closure

Thanks to Guest Blogger, and YaJagoff Podcast co-host, Rachael Rennebeck for the post today while John is off trying to figure out if the Judge, whose name he doesn’t know, that had the cool green signs won yesterday’s election!

Talk about when life gives you lemons make lemonade!  Just 2 short weeks ago Steelers favorite newbie Juju Smith Schuster had his bike stolen.  We all cheered along on the sidelines as the theft played out through the media damning the bike villain and hoping the license-less Juju would eventually get his means of transportation back. Juju smiled through the robbery as teammates and local Pittsburgh fans and companies offered rewards for its safe return. 

As we all know the story had a happy ending with Juju receiving the bike.  Just days later while his black and gold teammates enjoyed a well-deserved bye week, Juju called on a teammate to aid him in the grueling process of driving.  That is right, Alejandra Villanueva helped teach Juju how to drive.  

How did that lesson go? Did he deeply pronounce “You call that a parallel park, Juju?”  Or was he Cowerishly sticking his chin out and saying “I said a three-point turn, not 5 Juju.”  Perhaps he vaguely intimated that Juju is operating 4 wheels instead of two like Tomlin would?

Meantime, I am guessing the bike is strapped to some rafters in a Steelers garage locked in for safety precautions. Juju is walking around with a shiny license and his Hines Ward like grin as a brand new driver.  He took lemons and made lemonade, and hopefully, the bike thief has #666 waiting in line at the DMV…that jagoff!